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Food Service & Restaurant Supplies

Restaurant supplies and equipment include a wide variety of restaurant supply products that are used in commercial and residential kitchens, and carried by restaurant supply stores. Essential kitchen supply products commonly include kitchen utensils, commercial cookware, and commercial bake ware. Restaurant equipment is used to prepare and transport food and dishes used in restaurant supply environments. Restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies include janitorial equipment, racks and shelving, and bulk food storage products, used to store food. Kitchen supplies also include food serving items.

Tabletop restaurant supply products, such as restaurant dining room supplies, are used to set tables, and serve and display food. Food service disposables are used to replenish kitchen supplies for everyday serving. Kitchen supplies consist of commercial bake ware, such as racks, baking sheets, and braising torches, which are common products in a restaurant supply business. Commercial stove tops, sinks, dishwashers, pizza ovens, and refrigeration products are a central component of restaurant supplies.

Specific restaurant equipment, such as bar equipment and supply, or concession and vending restaurant supply products, may also be used. Restaurant supply products include food service disposables, such as gloves, plates, and utensils, and items used to support cleaning and maintaining kitchens, restaurants, and other facilities that use restaurant supplies. Restaurant equipment can include other types of specific restaurant supply equipment, such as bar equipment and other kitchen supply accessories, such as coffee and espresso kitchen supplies.

How to source your restaurant equipment

Restaurant equipment is pricey and the costs can add up quickly, especially when you have to buy all of the large appliances on top of the smaller items like utensils and safety equipment. To help with the costs, restaurant owners often look at the option of buying new versus buying used restaurant equipment. Like all things in this business, there are pros and cons to each option.

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Opening a new restaurant? There are a million things to think about, and no two restaurants will operate exactly the same way. One crucial part involves making a restaurant kitchen equipment list that reflects your business’s needs. A restaurant’s equipment helps ensure that your team can prep, cook, bake, wash and generally execute the culinary aspects of the restaurant, day in and day out. This restaurant kitchen equipment list contains the primary types of restaurant equipment you’ll need to run a commercial kitchen.

This list includes detail on all the following essential restaurant kitchen items:

1. Ovens  

    • Convection ovens
    • Combination ovens
    • Pizza ovens
    • Conveyor ovens

2. Ranges and ventilation    

    • Gas ranges
    • Electric ranges
    • Ventilation

3. Food processors    

    • Batch bowl processors
    • Continuous feed food processors

4. Mixers    

    • Hand mixers
    • Counter top mixers
    • Floor mixers

5. Slicers    

6. Food prep counters and cutting boards    

7. Freezers and refrigerators    

8. Safety equipment    

9. Storage racks and shelving    

10. Restaurant kitchen supplies

11. Serving ware

12. Storage containers

13. Sinks

    • compartment sinks
    • bar sinks
    • disposal sinks
    • drop-in sinks
    • hand washing sinks
    • mop sinks
    • portable sinks


14. kitchen portable sinks ( KDS)

15. point of self system (POS)

16. steam tables

17. washing equipment’s

18. sharpening stones

19. microwave

20. Ice makers

21. Gas or electric grill

Get the restaurant kitchen equipment you need

Getting everything on your restaurant kitchen equipment list is no small feat. It takes precise planning, smart budgeting and lots of energy to fulfill all your restaurant equipment needs. Be sure to assess your restaurant’s concept and menu, and get a good sense of your restaurant kitchen layout before making any purchases. Additionally, do your research to learn about the best restaurant equipment types and brands that will work best for you. Checking items off your restaurant equipment list will take time, but knowing you have what you need for your restaurant will go a long way in setting you up for success in the long run.


Find the equipment that’s right for your restaurant

Every restaurant is different and will have specific needs depending on the type of cuisine and customer base it’s looking for. As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to keep your personal needs and priorities in mind when looking for equipment to get started.

Doing your research as well as comparing and looking at reviews will be the best way to get started in looking for some higher-priced products like your refrigerator and oven. Knowing what you need ahead of time, and making a list of all the different pieces of equipment will help you concretize your needs if you need to apply for financing and loans.

Remember, it’s all about finding the equipment that’s right for you and your restaurant. Happy shopping!

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