Industrial restaurant and kitchen equipment

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Industrial kitchen and Restaurant equipment

Kind of food and the menu of a restaurant is directly determined by equipment, because for cooking food using equipment is needed. High efficiency in restaurants is very important, this efficiency will achieved by high quality equipment. Inappropriate restaurant equipment cause low quality produced foodstuffs

Launching a restaurant with modern and advanced equipment is a big step towards success. All famous and successful restaurants and industrial kitchens are fully equipped with modern and high quality equipment.

The main equipment of the restaurant and industrial kitchens includes the following

Cooking equipment (includes: industrial oven. Commercial rice cooker, commercial stew cooker, industrial stove, automatic barbecue, manual barbecue, grill machine …)

Industrial kitchen and Restaurant equipment

• Catering equipment
• Food court equipment
• Cooling equipment (refrigeration equipment play the most important role in preserving food and maintaining the health of raw materials and foodstuffs in industrial kitchen and restaurants. These equipment includes: industrial refrigerator, commercial freezer, and so on)

  • Preparation equipment (includes: mixer, meat grinder, commercial kebab machine, kebab maker machine, kebab skewer machine, worktable, dough maker, industrial slicer, industrial cutter…)
  • Self-service line
  • Counter line
  • Cleaning and washing equipment (includes: stainless steel wash tube, Industrial dishwasher sink, dishes trolley, industrial dishwasher and…)
  • Industrial kitchen accessories
Industrial restaurant and kitchen equipment
  • By providing the right equipment, the process of preparation, cooking and serving in industrial kitchens and restaurants can be put on the right track. It is better to choose a reputable and valid brand for equipment. Most reputable brands have a guarantee and after-sales service and can undertake possible repairs.Pooyasanat Company as a supplier and manufacturer of industrial kitchen and restaurant equipment provide all equipment for your restaurant and food processing centers with guarantee and after-sale services.

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