Launch of a fast food

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Launch of a fast food restaurant

Many people launch fast food centers, because this is an attractive and gainful job and due to daily occupation, lack of time and alternation taste and way of life, people prefer fast foods, so fast food centers become more and more.

The history of fast food

Fast food serving centers were established in 1912 in United States on July 7th a restaurant was founded in New York City that named Automaton. It was more like a cafeteria. In this restaurant keep pre-made foods in a warm glass compartment and customers buy these foods by a coin machine. This fast food center quickly got a lot of branches all over the USA and was unbeatable for twenty years. After that an American company named White Kassel entered the competition market of fast food. This company presented cheap hamburgers and people just pay 5 cent for it. At this company customers could see the process of food preparation for the first time.

MC Donald Brothers, the biggest and unbeatable fast food restaurant, entered the competition market of fast food in 1940. First they start by a simple barbecue machine and then developed their work gradually. They found that the profit of selling hamburger is higher than other foods, so their menu just included hamburger, French fries, some kind of drinks and Coca Kola. All foods and materials of this restaurant were packed. After MC Donald, many fast food chain restaurant were established in USA that were very popular restaurants.

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What’s the main factor of success in fast food restaurant?


Customer’s satisfaction is the most important reason for success of a fast-food restaurant. Respecting the customers and serving high quality fast food indicates the rank and success of your fast food restaurant.
Creativity is another factor for a fast food restaurant success. An innovative and fascinating idea makes your customers amazed.

Steps of launch of a fast food restaurant

1. Proper and standard location

2. Choosing the best quality equipment

3. Designing and decorating the restaurant

4. Having varied menu

5. Recruitment and training efficient personnel

6. Attractive and fascinating advertisement

7. Maintaining food quality

8. Observing health tips


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