Introduction of Iranian kebab

Introduction of Iranian kebab
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Introduction of Iranian kebab

Iranian kebab is one of the most favorite and well known Iranian traditional foods. Kebabs are made based on various recipes. That’s why you see a long list of them in Iranian restaurants’ menus. What you read here is how to grill different types of Iranian Kebab

Kebab is one of the popular food in Iran. This delicious food comes from Caucasia to Iran in during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. But the recipe of cooking kebab changed, so it is known as an Iranian Kebab. After sometime this courtier food become a popular food among Iranian people. Now we introduce types of Iranian Kebab:

Caucasian Kebab

The ingredients of this kebab are chicken brisket and veal that marinade with yogurt or cream, olive oil, onion, pepper and salt and skewer with onion strips and green or red pepper strips and roast with a charcoal brazier or an oven


Suffron Barg kebab

The main point about this Kebab is that the meat should be fresh. The ingredients of this Kebab are sliced meat, chopped onion, and grinded black pepper and marinade with saffron, black pepper, olive oil and salt.
Mix these ingredients well until the onion juice is extracted. Every 4 minutes stir it and continue for 12 minutes. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then pound meat with the back part of knife to tender it. Then skewer the sliced and pounded meat and cook it. Make Barg Kebab more delicious by adding butter and saffron to it. This is the traditional and original recipe of cooking Barg kebab.

Shishlik (Shish kebab)

The ingredients of this food are: veal or mutton, yogurt, brewed saffron, grated onion and oil.
To cook Shishlik you should use veal or mutton. The main point to cook Shishlik is using fresh meat. Marinate sliced meat with onion juice and pepper and before cook, put it in the refrigerator to tender the meat. Some vegetables are often threaded on the spit that include tomato, bell pepper and onion. The traditional beverage of choice to accompany Shish kebab is doogh, (a sour yogurt drink with mint and salt).

Lamb kebob

Koobideh Kebab

Koobideh Kebab contains: minced meat, grated onion, saffron, and spices like salt and black pepper.
These ingredients are mixed together until the mixture becomes smooth and sticky. The mixture is then pressed around a skewer. Extract the grated onion juice and then mix with brewed saffron, minced meat, salt and black pepper and knead it well. Put this mixture in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then for sticking meat to the skewer, soak the skewer and form meat on the skewer. If you mince meat several times, it makes meat not to separate from the skewer. The skewer for Koobideh Kebab is wide and it shouldn’t be new, so before meat skewering put it on fire. Use cold water to wet your hand. It makes meat stick better to the skewer. After meat skewering put them in the refrigerator for 2 hours and don’t forget not to use turmeric in the mixture of Koobideh Kebab.

Koobideh kebab

 Jujeh kabab (grilled chicken)

The ingredients of this food are: Chicken fillet (pieces of chicken or chicken with bone), types of pepper like Paprika or Chili, ginger, fresh garlic, saffron, chopped onion.
The main point in cooking this food is marinating it in salt, pepper, chopped onion and if you would like you can add ginger and fresh garlic too. By using olive oil and mayonnaise tender the chicken. It should be marinated in the refrigerator and the container should be covered. Before chicken skewering add fresh lemon juice then cook it, and after cooking add some butter. Saffron, lemon juice, salt and pepper for a better flavor.

chicken kebab

Bonab Kebab:

This is a kind of Kubideh Kebab. The difference is that the size of the skewer of Bonab Kebab is wider than wider than Kubideh Kebab skewer.

Bonab Kebab


The ingredients of this kebab are beef in small pieces that marinate with green pepper and onion.


Chenjeh –kebab:

Chenjeh is pure meat, however, unlike most of Iranian kebab, onion is not use in preparation. It is made from the meat of newly slaughtered sheep when it is still soft and fresh and marinate with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This kebab usually serves with rice, roasted tomato and raw onion. The pronunciation of Chenjeh is different in local dialects. (The correct pronunciation of Chenjeh is Kenje). It pronounces Chenjeh in Azarbaijan and some cities of Iran.

Chenjeh kebob
torsh kebab

Torsh –Kebab:

The ingredients of this kebab are lamb or veal, crushed walnuts, pomegranate juice or paste, chopped parsley, olive oil, crushed garlic, origany, tarragon, salt and pepper.

Pork roast

This kebab is like roasted liver and it provides from the fat of caw or sheep liver that is a combination of pancreas, thyroxin and thyroid. It is prohibited according to Iran Veterinary Organization.

pork roast

Soltani- Kebab:

At Iranian restaurants, the combination of one kabab Barg and one kabab Koobideh is typically called Soltani.

Soltani Kebab
liver kebab

Liver – Kebab

This kebab provides with liver of sheep that usually serves as breakfast meal.

Fish Kebab

Fish - Kebab

This delicious food is common in coastal cities and it provides with types of fish like salemon, sheer fish, trout and, ,,,

Pan Kebab

Pan- Kebab

It is a kind of Kubideh Kebab but without skewer. It provides with minced meat and grated onionand steam in a pan.

doosh kebab


This kebab provides with beef cattle meat and it’s delicious because of the excisting fat in this meat. The size of this meat is medium like Chenjeh.

Bakhtiari- Kebab

This kebab provides with red meat and chicken like Caucasian Kebab.


Chicken- Kubideh Kebab

This kebab provides with minced chicken meat that is marinated with spice.

Halazooni- Kebab

This kebab provides with not only with red meat but also white meat and cooks like Bakhtiari- Kebab and skewer in spiral shapes.

halazoni kebab

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