Equipment for kebab production line

Equipment for kebab production line
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kebab production line

the most serving food in restaurants and industrial kitchen, is different kinds of kebab. This delicious food is one of the most popular Iranian cuisine, and it can be found in all the restaurants’ menu, but what we need is kebab production line equipment. Besides the raw materials and usual equipment, such as knives and dishes, kebab production line requires commercial equipment such as:

1- Automatic kebab skewer machine
2- Automatic radiative barbecue machine, or manual barbecue and commercial salamander grill
3. Automatic skewer washer machine
4- Industrial steel work table
5- commercial meat grinder
6- Commercial Mixer

Undoubtedly, according to the experts’ idea , having these products as the most important equipment of  industrial kitchen in addition to increasing the customer’s satisfaction in quality, accelerate the efficiency in kebab production line.

Pooya Sanat Industrial Co. is proud of manufacturing and supplying all commercial kitchen equipment of food cooking centers and kebab restaurants with the best quality and affordable price.

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